End of the Semester

There's only a week left of school for the semester. Then it's winter break from December 9th until January 16th. I get amazed that time has flown by. I went on all sorts of adventures because of the Institute of American Indian Arts. I went to the first and second Indigenous Comic Con. I got in touch with the local comic scene around Santa Fe. Going to the second Indigenous Comic Con really inspired me to draw more. If you want to see more of my drawings, I recommend my Instagram @fwoosh2

I will be working on my Oak and Wendy comic this winter break. There will be less distractions. I feel revitalized and optimistic about art.

Right now, I am writing a paper about background as character for my final paper in my senior seminar class. I have been experimenting with and studying perspective. I really admire Yusuke Murata's use of perspective with One-Punch Man and Spider-Man. I used to have a bad habit of drawing little if any backgrounds. 

In the spring of 2018, I will finally be getting my bachelor of fine arts degree with a minor in Indigenous liberal studies. I plan to go to the third Indigenous comic con when I hear news about it. I plan to update this blog once a week with news and rambles. 

Feel free to email me at fwoosh2@yahoo.com


Spider-Man art by Yusuke Murata

Spider-Man art by Yusuke Murata